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Details of some of my engineering projects.

Bot-vinnik (in progress)

An early CAD model of the SCARA robot arm

Bot-vinnik is a chess playing robot, combining a 3DOF arm, a webcam and a chess engine. This project is in progress; I'll add to the site as modules get built.

Twitch III

Twitch in its CAD and real life forms

Twitch is a small mobile robot that can pull fancy driving tricks by rapidly pivoting its wheels, swapping the front-to-back and side-to-side directions

Microfiltration device for Circulating Tumor Cells

Top view of the microfluidic device with channels filled with dye for visibility

Cancers can metastasise when one or many cancer cells shed from a primary tumor and enter the blood stream. I developed a diagnostic tool to isolate these circulating tumor cells and measure their concentration. The device is a microfilter with actively controllable pore size, allowing the operator to tune the trap and also to release captured cells. This project was developed as part of my Master's degree at UBC.

Teaching: Measurement and Instrumentation

Playing Punchout! with a 3-axis accelerometer

I had the privilege of teaching Measurement and Instrumentation, a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering class at UBC. One interesting lab component involved writing an open-ended project in C# that reads and uses data from an accelerometer. As an example project, I used the accelerometer as a kind of Wiimote, to (badly) play games on the NES.

Double Inverted Pendulum

The double inverted pendulum

Stabilizing a double inverted pendulum is a canonical problem in the field of control theory. This problem is hard because the system is under-constrained - there are more degrees of freedom than there are degrees of control, so a PID controller won't work. As part of a group 4th year project at Queen's I constructed and controlled such a setup.