Category: Small Projects


May 09 / Will Beattie / Small Projects
Medavail’s machines perform a variety of package handling tasks, one of which is applying labels. ‘John Smith, Acetaminophen, Take Twice Daily with Water,’ you know the ones. To get the labels to conform to their package we squish them with a foam block, cut into a shape that (hopefully) forces the label to wrap over edges and curves of the package. I recently wanted to test out some concepts for new foam block shapes but didn’t want to spend time and money getting them waterjet (their normal method of manufacture), so I made a tool for ‘cutting’ foam.
May 08 / Will Beattie / Small Projects
I made a set of shelves for the Site 3 hot room to boost my cosmic shop karma score. Left: Before. Right: After The hot room is easily the dingiest part of the shop, though that’s not for lack of use. While there was a general consensus that the room’s current layout was far from optimal there wasn’t much consensus as to what specifically should be done about it - an unfortunate downside to Site 3’s anarchic management style.