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October 03 / Will Beattie / Arts and Crafts
Finished picture first My friend Eric brought a nice Fiskar hatchet on a canoe trip. It’s a beautiful tool, but it has a monstrously ugly plastic sheath, so I offered to make him a new one. Placeholder axe-head Eric unfortunately lives in Deep River, so I didn’t have access to the hatchet. I had him take some dimensions then roughed out a 1:1 model in a block of wood.
June 12 / Will Beattie / Arts and Crafts
This project was my first bag. I had wanted to scale up to larger projects for a while, but the increased complexity and size intimidated me a little. The solution was to follow a pattern, specifically this Nigel Armitage messenger bag how to on Youtube. If you Paypal him $10 he’ll reply with a design document that takes a lot of the stress of your back. I was happy to do so and pleasantly surprised with the result.
February 03 / Will Beattie / Arts and Crafts
The simplest and most popular design I’ve made so far is my little card holder wallet. The cardholders fit 2-3 cards in each of the two slots and bills in the main body. It is made from four simple pieces and is totally planar, so construction is a breeze. And best of all it’s small and thin enough for someone with larger-than-normal legs like myself to comfortably slip into a front pocket.