Tag: Woodworking


May 08 / Will Beattie / Small Projects
I made a set of shelves for the Site 3 hot room to boost my cosmic shop karma score. Left: Before. Right: After The hot room is easily the dingiest part of the shop, though that’s not for lack of use. While there was a general consensus that the room’s current layout was far from optimal there wasn’t much consensus as to what specifically should be done about it - an unfortunate downside to Site 3’s anarchic management style.
April 03 / Will Beattie / Arts and Crafts
A tiling a pattern of one or more geometric shapes that can be repeated to cover completely an arbitrariliy large 2D area. There are all sorts of set of shapes that can be periodically tiled - they can be quite beautiful and mathematically interesting. A Penrose tiling, using two different quadrilaterals There’s an active community of both serious mathematicians and regular laypeople that try to discover new and interesting tilings.