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May 30 / Will Beattie / Arts and Crafts
The Greater Toronto Area has a boatload of people and very very few nearby rock climbing areas. So when a few local climbers developed The Turtle, a new crag on private land, there was certain to be heavy use and a high risk of a pissed-off land owner closing the crag. Developer Gus Alexandropoulos thought a couple signs around the crag would do nicely to encourage good behavior, so in the name of good crag karma I offered to make them.
April 03 / Will Beattie / Arts and Crafts
A tiling a pattern of one or more geometric shapes that can be repeated to cover completely an arbitrariliy large 2D area. There are all sorts of set of shapes that can be periodically tiled - they can be quite beautiful and mathematically interesting. A Penrose tiling, using two different quadrilaterals There’s an active community of both serious mathematicians and regular laypeople that try to discover new and interesting tilings.
October 03 / Will Beattie / Arts and Crafts
Finished picture first My friend Eric brought a nice Fiskar hatchet on a canoe trip. It’s a beautiful tool, but it has a monstrously ugly plastic sheath, so I offered to make him a new one. Placeholder axe-head Eric unfortunately lives in Deep River, so I didn’t have access to the hatchet. I had him take some dimensions then roughed out a 1:1 model in a block of wood.
June 03 / Will Beattie / Arts and Crafts
This was my largest project to date. My cousin requested a lined shoulder bag but was looking for something larger than the messenger bag I made for my sister. Starting from scratch is a difficult thing - most of my other projects are closely based off of existing designs if not direct ripoffs. A good starting point came from watching the movie Marathon Man, where the love interest has a very nice bag that seemed to meet my cousin’s needs.
June 12 / Will Beattie / Arts and Crafts
This project was my first bag. I had wanted to scale up to larger projects for a while, but the increased complexity and size intimidated me a little. The solution was to follow a pattern, specifically this Nigel Armitage messenger bag how to on Youtube. If you Paypal him $10 he’ll reply with a design document that takes a lot of the stress of your back. I was happy to do so and pleasantly surprised with the result.
February 03 / Will Beattie / Arts and Crafts
The simplest and most popular design I’ve made so far is my little card holder wallet. The cardholders fit 2-3 cards in each of the two slots and bills in the main body. It is made from four simple pieces and is totally planar, so construction is a breeze. And best of all it’s small and thin enough for someone with larger-than-normal legs like myself to comfortably slip into a front pocket.